LaVelle Tap Room to Open October 10th!

Thursday, October 10, 2013! Mark the date on your calendar! That’s the day we open the LaVelle Tap Room in the Riverbend District, right on the border of Eugene and Springfield just off of I-5 near Beltline Road. We are excited to announce our grand opening and hope you will make plans to join us at our new location.

I’m writing this article to update you about what’s been going on and what our customers can look forward to at the new LaVelle Tap Room. First of all, why the LaVelle Tap Room? Well…our new location will, of course, have elements of a traditional wine tasting room but it will also have some of the features normally associated with a tap house – so it’s a tap room. I will explain exactly what that means later in this article.

Build out of the space, i.e. plumbing, electrical, HVAC, lighting, and painting is complete. Building the bar and back bar areas should be finished in the next 10 days or so. The only thing actually holding us back from an earlier opening date is delivery of our bar equipment, which includes a six tap cooler/dispenser for draft beer that will ship on September 27th and should arrive around October 4th. Allowing for a few days to get everything installed, our Grand Opening weekend is set for October 4th. And just so you know, even if all those pieces do not fall into place we are opening anyway!

Many things about our new location will feel the same as the old location. It will serve as an in-town location for wine club members to pick up their club shipments. Club members and their friends will still be able enjoy free tastings of all LaVelle wines and make purchases at LaVelle wines at club member discounted prices. However, a lot will seem different too. Here is a brief list of some of the exciting new things we have planned:

1) We will serve a large selection of beer, including six draft beers. While we will certainly offer popular beers from the large domestic producers, but we will feature the hand-crafted local area beers that have become so popular in recent years.

2) We will be serving up to 30 different wines at any given time, using an argon gas system that allows us to keep bottled wine fresh for up to four weeks. In addition to our own wines we plan to serve a selection of Oregon Pinot Noirs, Washington Cabernets, and wines from other parts of the U.S. and the world.

3) Wine and beer selections will rotate on a regular basis, allowing us to ensure that your tasting experience at the LaVelle Tap Room is always different.

4) A food menu will be provided by Willie’s Restaurant. We are working with Willie to develop a uniquely American, slightly upscale bar menu that will include salads, appetizers, pizzas, hamburgers, cheese plates, meat plates, hummus plates, and even a few entree items. We think this will be a great addition to what we can offer our customers at this new location and we are very excited to be working with Willie and his staff.

5) Since we are no longer in a shopping center environment, our hours of operation can be defined by our business specific needs. While we want to be available pretty much every day for wine club pick ups, we anticipate that our traffic at the Tap Room will be heavily driven by the folks who are employed in the Riverbend District and want a place to stop after work. We also need to coordinate our hours with Willie’s Restaurant to ensure a good selection of food is available during the hours we are open. That said, we plan to be open from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays. We may also be open on Saturday afternoons for a weekly wine tasting event, but that idea is still under discussion.

I will try to provide more information about the new location as our opening date approaches. For now, it’s exciting that we are less than three weeks away from being operational. I would again like to thanks our wine club members for their support and patience during the last two months. We look forward to many good times at the LaVelle Tap Room!

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